build custom
Create top quality websites faster,
with no compromises on technical side.
Import designs from FigmaSave time on coding. Export any design to fae without any CSS coding
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Develop any functionalityDon’t be limited with static functionality, do anything what is possible in React.
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Publish anywherePublish to cloud with custom domain , or export and deploy anywhere
Best from code
No compromises on technical side
Create anything customDon’t be limited by prepared blocks.Fae uses React on the background. You can create anything custom as you can do in React.
Minimal vendor-lockMigrate to React code if neededPublish pages and components to NPM and use them in any JS project as a library. Or export full React code.
3rd party librariesSave time on re-inventing wheelPlug-and-play any library with Typescript+React support or create wrappers for any other library.
Scale to any sizeDon’t be limited, be scalable.Create components and functions - the basic building blocks to create something big.
Best from no-code
Easy to use, available to anyone
Editable by anyoneDon’t be blocked by developersDevelopers don’t have to be the bottleneck. Let anybody do the changes.
One click setupDon’t waste time on setupNo need for a complex setup, just create a project and you have everything from versioning or tech-stack to deployment already prepared.
One click publishDeploy immediately, iterate faster.One-click publish on custom domain or export project and deploy anywhere.
Split the work in a teamMinimize delays, deliver faster.Let everybody do their work directly. Designers do the design, copywriters texts, developers functionality.
Build top quality landing pages
No compromises on technical side
PerformanceDon’t lose customers just because of bad performance.Excelent performance out-of-the-box. No need for long optimization process.
3rd party librariesUse professional ecosystem and get any interactivity you can imagine.Use any Javascript/Typescript library from NPM.
ResponsivenessPrepare your website for any device.Change style and behaviour according to device. Based on CSS Media Queries.
SEODon’t miss opportunity for great SEOEasy to use helpers that allows you to setup everything you need and don’t forget on something.
LocalizationPrepare your web in language.Deploy your web with multiple languages.
API CallsDon’t be limited with static data. Fetch data from any backend or external service.
AnimationsUse CSS transitions or any React NPM library.
AccesibilityUse ARIA tags, tab indexes. Or any NPM library like React Aria making it even easier.
AvailabilityDeployed on S3 with CDN on Cloudflare
AB testingDevelop features prepared for AB testing. Connect with major AB testing tools.
AnalyticsSet analytics from start, your data analytics will thank you later.
Custom URLsUse custom routing and advanced types of URLs.
Collaborate in a team
Treat websites as a shared asset, don’t let developers be only ones who can do all the changes. You can set proposals/merge request workflow, so developers still can do the final check
DesignersDon’t wait for developer to implement your changes.Contribute directly to production app
Marketing and Content creatorsIterate faster, improve conversion ratesEdit anything directly in the editor.
Copywriters and translation managersMinimize delays, improve text qualitySee everything in context, edit text directly in the app.
Frame 58
DevelopersSpeed up delivery, don’t sacrifice stability and scalability.Leave easy things on others, review it after them if needed.
Product and project ManagersSpeed up delivery, test ideas faster. Let others to collaborate without waiting on each other. Test new ideas in matter of minutes.
Data analyticsDon’t wait for developers to add one little tracking eventSet any analytics events directly.
Structural view
You can express anything, you won’t be limited.
Interactive programming with a strict type system and full power of Javascript
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Quickly find what you need, edit directly without obstacles
Easy to use view, so you can let anybody in your company use it.
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Created in Fae
We are still in closed beta, but you can already see some results our clients created with Fae.
CleanShot 2021-04-27 at 21.56.20@2xCleanShot 2021-04-27 at 21.56.58@2xCleanShot 2021-04-27 at 21.57.17@2x
Figma conversion
High-quality Figma documents create high-quality code.
AutolayoutAutolayouts are converted to Flex-box. To get top quality code, use autoloyout in Figma.
ComponentsDon’t duplicate repeated elements. One component in Figma will create one component in Fae.
Design variables / TokensUse global color styles, text styles and effects in Figma. You will get variables in Fae. In Fae you can use variables for anything.
Simple things are easy to do
You don’t need to be a developer to be able to do simple functionality
LinksTo navigate across pages, add simple links, or navigate to pages after a custom event.
Responsive designEasily set styles for every device type. Use intuitive style panel or standard CSS properties.
SEO and meta tagsAdd any headers easily per each page. You can use data from API to set them.
Powerful as Javascript or Typescript
Add any functionality with powerful visual programming language
Strict static typesStrict types prevents you from doing mistakes. Thanks to strict types Fae can show you anytime only relevant options.
Expressions and functionsDon’t be limited by hardcoded values. Reuse everything. Keep the project maintanable.
Use keyboardDon’t be slowed down by mouse drag-and-drop, use keyboard and be as effective as with standard programming
React on the background
Use standard React concepts and libraries
Components & PropsCompose components and use React props. Define and use data types. Use the types in exported TypeScript
State, Effects,...Use useState, useEffect and other standard React concepts.
3rd party NPM librariesAs soon as the library has a Typescript definition, you can use it directly from the visual language.
Call any API
Use standard React concepts and libraries
REST APIsCall APIs easier, but with all options you need.
OpenAPI/SwaggerImport Swagger definitions.
GraphQLUse our visual GraphQL query builder (coming soon)
Publish anywhere
Don't be limited by publishing methods
Directly on domainDeploy on custom domain or test on *
Download ZIPDownload full generated website with compiled Javascript and CSS
Publish on NPMTypescript definitions included. Versioned with SemVer.
Top performance
Don't be limited by publishing methods
Static site renderingAll pages are rendered during publish process. Even those with API calls. So everything just as fast as the internet connection to the closest CND node.
CDNWe deploy on AWS S3 with Cloudflare CDN so you don’t have to worry about outages or performance.
CSS with Minimum overhead CSS is processed on the runtime, and even you get CSS-in-JS benefits, browsers get only compiled CSS file.
Memoized ReactUse useMemo or React.memo(). Immutable structures as default.
Minimum vendor lock
Anytime you feel you need a change, you can switch to standard React codebase
Export parts to NPMYou can export React components to NPM, so you can take any component or page created Fae and “import” in your react project as a library.
Export completelyApart from standard export to ZIP in minified form, we offer to export the project in a more human-readable format, so in case of any unfortunate circumstances, you can start using the project as a standard code.
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